Friday, 4 March 2016

Fashion Trend: The Choker Trend

Haay, how is everyone today, so yeah, this is our first fashion trend post since i started blogging again this year, and i am excited to be doing this, the fashion trend post is one of my fave! i love spotting trends and sharing with my readers, you know i want you guys being up to date with what is hot and trendy! So yeah, today imma start with the choker trend.

The Choker trend is back! yeah you heard me, everyone is seen wearing it, especially Kendall Jenner, Rossie and her Gigi Hadid ..Choker was a big accessory trend  in the 90's and we are excited to see it make a come back this 2016!!
We love the very big ones and yeah, we noticed some of our celebs use the extra materials from their dresses to make matching chokers with their outfit... The choker can be worn on the red carpet, street style, events and on the streets!!

see how some of your fave starts are rocking this trend and get inspired..

What are your thought on the new trend?? and yeah, we advice you rock a ponytail, if you are going to be wearing these chokers..XOXO

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