Friday, 6 March 2015

The colored braid Trend:yay or nay

Hello Asb readers, how is everyone doing today??

Friday is here, I hope y'all are getting ready to turn up!!  Whoop Whoop.. Lol..

 So yeah lately braids braids have been back in style for a long time now and I am so happy Africans are embracing the braid Trend and are being stylish about it, Cos back then it used to be just the regular black braids but  recently  but recently we have seen females taking risk with different colors of braids..

 From gold to blue to purple to grey,  just name it..

The one color I'm yet to see is the yellow braid .. Have anyone seen them before?? So yeah I am super happy we are finally going back to our roots.. Lol..

So yeah what are your thoughts on the colored braids.. Are you for it or against it?? Anyways see how these beautiful ladies have rocked theirs and get inspired..