Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day style inspiration

Hey loves, how is everyone doing? ? I've being wanting to do this post since like forever, so sorry is coming late...
I'm so busy but I always try to put up a few photos on my instagram page so yall should follow @ameriesblog... Valentine is tomorrow and I decided to do a post to enable my female readers get style inspirations for the perfect red dress to wear, so I put up beautiful photos of celebrities and Fashion bloggers wearing from red shoes to red dresses to red gowns.. I want y'all to look beautiful for your man on vals day.. :).. So for those of you that might have dinner dates, lunch dates, movies, Events and bla bla. . So take a look at these photos and get inspired..


Red  Monochromatic look

Red Blazers

 Red Top

Red Slit own

Red Short Dresses

Red Suit

Red Shoes 

Red gowns

Red Jumpsuit


Winifred Francis said...

Lovely is always hot

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