Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fashion color Trend: shades of grey

Hey loves,  how is everyone doing today?? I've got lots of fashion trend post and style inspirations post but I've being too busy trying to compose them,

 I've had this in my draft way too long but I promised to publish today  cos you know I want my readers looking like a million bucks!!

 So the grey color is everywhere right now, like grey is the new black In fashion right now,  gone are the days  when grey was just for suits and sweatpants and were termed 'dull and boring color',  now the grey color is trendy both in tops, bags, shoes,dresses and even weaves and braids,

 Remember I did a post on the grey hair trend and how everyone is wearing them..

Alot of people have always shied away from grey cos they thought it was just too dull But thanks to the movie 'fifty shades of grey  cos there has never been a more appropriate time to sample every shade in existence.. Lol..

Grey is a huge trend this 2015 and alot of our fave celebrities and Fashion bloggers have being see wearing the different shades of grey. . As usual I've got photos of them wearing grey,  get inspired  :)

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