Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Style feature: Denike Adegboye

our style feature of the week is  Denike Adegboye ,she is a Student/Freelance stylist/fashion writer,see what  she had to say about her style below

My style basically is very mood based.. I throw whatever I feel like on at that moment.

  It's a mixture of everything. Classy, modern, tomboy chic basically. 

 I have no fav staples because at this moment I might be going for the classy look and the next the boyish so nothing stays the same. 

 Favourite colour is black. 

i think she is hot hot and a true  fashionista. So what do y'all think? yay she is a fashionista or Na ???


Anonymous said...

Lool at she is hot hot....she isn't. Her fashion is just like every other "black" fashionista or African American. Nothing really interesting or "wow" about her.

Omokunbiife said...

Really? Nothing interesting or wow about her? She is hot! @anonymous

Denike Adegboye said...

😊😊😊 thanks a lot