Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bag spotlight :The car plate number inspired clutches: yay or Nay

 Hey lovers, how is your weekend kicking off??  So I noticed fashion blogger Ozinna Animudu was carrying something that looked like a car plate number in the previous post of her I just did and as usual I zoomed to see clearly and noticed it wasn't a plate number but a clutch, cos I was trying to understand if people now walk with their car plate numbers.. Lol

oh  well, I decided to do a research on the clutch for my beautiful ASB readers, you know I want my readers looking like a million bucks!.. These clutches are called the federal Republic fashion clutch and it is by a Nigerian designer name TaeAfrika..

These clutches come in three different names and they are Ada Ada, Sisi Eko  and Caro Caro... We gotta give it up for our Nigerian designers.. I think they are doing a great job.. Take a look at some females who have being seen with these clutches and tell us what you think of these Republic clutches..

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