Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Did Nadia Buhari Get Her BET Style Inspiration From Rihanna??

I am sure yall remembered this silk dress rihanna wore at the MTV awards earlier this year, well the style looks like the Ghana inspired outfit Gollywood actress Nadia Buhari wore at the BET Awards red carpet, which took place yesterday, this is not the first time we are noticing Ghanaian celebrities getting their style inspirations from Nollywood fashionable celebrities, so it is nothing new Nadia  got hers from Rihanna but like i said earlier i liked Nadia"s outfit with the whole Ghana prints and all but i think the shoe is a NO for that outfit, well you guys take a look and tell us if Nadia got her idea from Fashion icon Riri


Anonymous said...

i agree it a No for me too..

JustPorsh said...

Oh she definitely coped Riri's style.