Friday, 4 July 2014

Beyonce Bringing Back Braid Trend??: Yay or Nay

Hey lovies, how is everyone doing today?? So, for some time now, Bey has been seen wearing the different types of braids in different fab ways, ever since bey switched it to braids we noticed alot of females have also switched to braids too, it is quite surprising cos Human hair craze have become the order of the day, from brazillian to Malaysian to indian to Cambodian,(i have lost count tbh) some human hair weaves some females have these days even look like horse hair to me, i wonder when the human hair madness will stop tho. We are super excited to see everyone is embracing the braids these days, we all know the braids is of Africa Origin, and i absolutely think it suits us better than most of the so called human hair we buy. The braids are simple,makes you look young, smart and beautiful. We have recently spotted alot of  Nigerian and ghanian Celebrities like Tiwa,Yvonne,Agbani ,Ini Edo and many other in different braid styles and they all looked good in it, y'all should also embrace the braid hairstyle. So do you think Beyonce had a hand in bringing back the Braid trend??

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