Monday, 5 August 2013

Style inspiration: Colored Denim/Pant

Hello Lovies, I hope you are having a wonderful week.. I recently added a pair of colored denim to my closet and i am so loving it. I have never really liked colored denim, i always go for the normal blue/black denim just cause i felt wearing all them colored denim might be too loud and not nice but i was wrong though because i am totally loving the new colored denim i got. The colored denim/pant is a fashion item everyone should have in their wardrobe. They are beautiful, amazing and brightens your outfit.. Colored denim/pants gives you the playful and fun look, they are also very versatile, as they can be paired with a lot of stuff. Colored denims are best paired with your  white or black top, but for those of you, that might want to add that extra playful edgy look to your colored denim, you can rock them with different colors of tops, but remember the denim should have a darker shade while the top should have a lighter shade. they can also be rocked  for different events, like formal and informal event. if  you want to have that causal and comfortable look, rock your colored denim with your flat sandals/shoes, and i think it's best to rock your cropped/Flared denim with heels.Fashionable celebrities From Rihanna to Beyonce have being seen rocking colored denim/pants at one point or the other, so if they can rock it and look fab why can't you?. *Wink*. So all you have to do is get the perfect colored  denim/pant that suits your skin type. Dark females should go for brighter colors like neon, pink while light skin females should go for darker shades like purple,grey,blue etc and remember do not over accessorize while rocking the colored denim, try to keep it as simple as possible!. If you are still having double thoughts about the colored denim, i think you should start with the not so loud colors like Grey and purple. check out fab ways celebs have rocked their denim and get some inspiration

Khloe rocking a red cropped denim with ankle strap sandals and Kim k rocking a green skinny colored denim with pumps

Different celebs rocking different colored skinny/cropped denim

Victoriaa Beckham rocking a light pink flared denim with heels while Cameron diaz kept hers simple with flats

Fashion blogger rocking the yellow flared denim with heels

She kept it simple and casual, rocked her pink neon cropped denim with flat shoes
Rihanna rocked her Orange pants with gold pumps and purple cropped top doing the color blocking look. love it.

Ciara rocked her brown skinny denim with gold pumps and white top

I love this look, very simply and edgy, Katie Holmes rocked her cropped dark red denim with blue denim jackets and flat shoes

Different celebs rocking the red colored denim with black and white tops

Eva Longaria rocking the neon orange skinny denim with a simple sandals and white top 

Rachel Roy rocked her yellow neon cropped denim with a blue denim jacket and pumps

different celebs rocking the pink colored denim

Different colors of cropped denim with sneakers, for the tomboy looks

different celebs rocking the blue colored denim

different celebs rocking the neon green,blue and pink colored denim

I love this look. she rocked her neon orange colored denim with flats, monocrom top and a light green jacket. 
Different celebs rocking the different shades of green colored denim in different stylish ways
different celebs playing with colors, doing the color blocking look

Different celebs playing with colors, doing the color blocking look

she rocked her red colored denim with a grey jacket and a black bootie
The simple and casual look, Joan smalls rocked her skinny denim with flats and a white tee

different celebs rocking the colored denim in different fab ways

So yeah, don't be scared to add a lil bit of colored pant/denim to your wardrobe and give your black/blue denim a  break and i hear the colored denim enhaces your body shape, so females on the big side should try and look for the not so tight ones or the flared denim. i did not add the white denim here cause i recently did a post about the white denim becoming a hot trend and how to rock it if you missed it click here and read about the white denim

Stay Fab!


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