Friday, 9 August 2013

Men's Fashion Trend: The Banded/Cutout Collar Shirts

Hey guys,how are you all doing today? I guess everyone is extra about the holidays .Well I'm going to be talking about a trend for the male folks cos it seems like the female folks have been taking all the attention lately .Lol. It has probably been around for a while but certainly not so mainstream. It is the collar cut shirts .I have  been seeing a lot of it lately and I think it looks tress dope .lol. My little brother even told me some boys in his school usually give some local tailors their shirts to rip the collars out(it is that serious oh) .So yeah collar cut shirts are basically shirts with their collars cut off not entirely off tho  .They usually have this modern fresh,quite edgy look , Some of them look extra nice especially when the shirts are floral printed and mostly short-sleeves .They show off  a man's neck so well especially as collars could come across as bit chunky. Some celebs have caught up with this trend trend lately and here are some of my fave pictures

So Ladies  looking for the perfect gift for your man? get him a bunch of these :)


Anonymous said...

Yesss baby!!

Nancy charles said...

Me likey!!!!!itz brings out some kinda sexiness