Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Have you got Your white shoe??

White shoes are like the hottest trend like now, they have been popping everywhere on the red carpets, events and  runway shows. Designers and high street shops have made different fab designs of white shoes you can not resist.  Our fashion forward Celebrities  can't even get over their new love for white shoes, from white wedges to white sandals, to white pump. There is something about wearing a white shoe, it gives your outfit this whole fresh, clean and edgy look.white shoes  are simply divine and heavenly. lol. White shoes are also very versatile, they can be worn with everything, like your skirts, pants, denim,shorts and the likes and they can also be worn with the different types of color. You do not have to be scared of what to rock with your white shoes. Every Fashion lover should have a pair of white shoe or more in their closet because white shoes are not about to go out of trend any time soon they are  here to stay. *wink*, gone are those days when we thought white shoes are to be worn on our wedding day. hell no, white shoes are like the new black shoes. I know some of you are saying  "i'm gonna look tacky or cheap in white shoes'', that is so not true, if you get the right white shoes and pair them well, you'll look absolutely beautiful. Take a look at the different ways you can rock your white shoes and look effortlessly beautiful.

White shoe and white dresses/suits

White shoe and white denim 

  White Shoe and Denim

 White shoe and skirts

 White shoe and dresses

White shoe and prints

The white sneakers

whew, i hope the pictures are not too much for my bb users? So yeah, are you gonna invest in a pair of white shoes??


amaka lynda said...

Gosh! I luv j lo`s white sneakers.....awesome!

Maureen Chibueze said...

Nice! Thanx Amerie