Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fashion Must Have: Patterned Pants/Skirts

Hello Everyone,i hope you are having a wonderful holiday. So our fashion must have of the day is the patterned pants. Patterned pant is has been one of the biggest trend since last year and till date. patterned pants have been seen everywhere in different prints like floral,animal, leopard and the likes. I just talked about giving our black and blue denim a break and going on the colored denim/pants. well, you'll also have to add the patterned pants to your wardrobe too. They have been spotted on hot celebs like Solange,Rihanna, Bey and the likes and they were also everywhere on runway shows. Pattern pants are Bold, Sophisticated and Trendy.They can be rocked with your flat shoes and heels. It is  best to rock your patterned pant with your plan colored tees or chiffon tops for the simple and casual look, but the bold and fearless fashionsitas can decide to do the extra edgy and  daring look by  mixing pattern with different types, just like solange does but try not to overdo it so you do not look like a clown for a child's party. Patterned Pants attracts a lot of attention to your shape, so ladies on the big side should avoid going for the very tight patterned  pants and go for the loose pants . The  very nice patterns you should go for are Animal print, Stripes,Polka dolts,Floral or Ethnic patterned pants. You can add a little accessory if you are going to be doing the patterned pants with your plain chiffon tops or tees but do not accessorize if you are going for the mixed or matchy pattern. Check out pictures of celebs and bloggers rocking their different patterned pants and skirts in different stylish ways.

Ladies, Make sure you add a pair or more of the patterned short, skirts to pants to your wardrobe, that is if you do not have one already

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having a skirt or a High waist short of these patterned really neceassary in the closet. It move round and round in fashion. And nice1 @AmerieStyle,i luv kiping up with ur trends.