Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Matchy Matchy Prints? Mixed Prints? The Plain Prints?

I am going to be talking about a trend that's been on for a while now and is still going on.Everyone knows prints have been on for ages ,everything ranging from animal prints, Ankara prints to floral prints and while some look so effortlessly fabulous others just look gaudy. Floral prints are so nice especially during spring or summer(well over here in Nigeria we have none of those) but yeah they give you such a nice,sweet,lush,girly look. Solange is like the queen of Prints especially mixed and matchy prints, she has been also very "experimental" with hers .We all know that it is generally a fashion faux pas when prints are mixed together but I think some celebs have pulled it quite well while others have failed .Not all prints fit everyone though, so the secret is getting the one that suits your skin tone most, some just actually look quite out of place especially when they are worn with too many accessories.The whole idea is to keep It as simple as ever when wearing prints especially the mixed and Matchy prints. So here are some of my favorite pictures of celebs/Random people rocking the different types of prints in the different ways. First i am gonna start with celebs rocking matchy matchy prints, then i will move over to celebs who rocked Mixed prints,  then over to Matchy Matchy Prints with Plain shirts and finally over to celebs who have paired their prints with a plan Outfit outfit. That way you can get an idea on how to rock the different prints and you decided which you think is the best and which you love the most. Lets get started

1. The Matchy Matchy Prints

Matchy Matchy Prints With Plain Shirts Inside

The Mixed Prints

Prints With Plain Shirts Or Pants

So over to you guys, What do you guys think? Do you think prints should be Worn in the matchy matchy way?? or Matched and worn with a Plain shirt? or  mixed with other prints?? or worn plainly / worn with non-prints? Lol, i know the questions are plenty though but i'll love to know what you think tho.

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love d prints wit plain shirts or pants beta

Anonymous said...

I love the mixed prints better.