Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Double Slit Trend: Yay Or Nay

Hello Lovies, How are you guys doing? Well, i have been hella busy this few days that has been the reason for the no post.i sincerely apologize. Well today i am gong to be talking about one of the hottest trend that has been everywhere and they are the slit trends, i did a post last year or earlier this year about the slit trend and how it is the quintessential of every woman"s dress/skirts, but today i am talking about the double slit trend .Lately  the double slit trend has been seen everywhere,on the red carpets,runway shows Events, bla bla. i have  seen a whole lot of eye-popping,daring, sexy,slutty over the roof endless slits and as provocative as they are,i can not deny the fact that they are very fashionable and make a dress/skirt so less boring and more fun/interesting. Now  like i said about the slit trend, the trick with these double slits is that you need to have a well toned spot free perfectly shaped legs and if it's like a late night show/party you need to go and you have to wear a long gown and it's feeling too "churchy or too preppy" a perfect side slit could work the trick.I'm not saying everyone should do the whole endless slit thing it's clearly not for everyone, If you have cellulite you really should cover up and refrain from these dresses with enormous slits,if your legs are also very furry(my pet-peeve)a lot of Nigerian women are fond of wearing short dresses without taking out time to take off those leg hairs .So yeah,if you are working with some Ciara or Angelina Jolie healthy type legs then the double slit pattern would totally suite you. Take a look at some celebs/bloggers rocking the double slit trend and tell me if you"ll rock it or just stick with the single slit

So yeah, Are you for or against the Double slit Trend??


Grace Ijeoma said...

dnt lyk it

Anonymous said...

Looks nice on kim

vivian said...

Its a no for me, I prefer d one sided slit