Friday, 19 July 2013

Fashion Hit Or Miss: Kilts For Men

Hey guys ,so today I'm going to be talking about a growing trend in the male fashion world ".kilts" for those who are unfamiliar with these word,kilts are basically like skirts but for males. You know like what you usually see most scottish men garbed in?yeah that. So kilts have been around for a while and some very fashion edgy men have been flowing with the trend .Kanye first started a little controversy when he had kilts on during his WTT tour with Jayz ,apart from Kanye other metrosexual men who aren't afraid to take fashion risks have also been rocking it too, While others have hugely criticized these men rocking these kilts,others have applauded this men for being less conventional and more daring by taking these fashion risks.So what do y'all think .Do you think men should be wearing these kilts or they just look mad suspect wearing them? Take a look at pictures of some men wearing kilts and tell me what you think, by the way, before you say if it's right or wrong Read what a scientific research shows about men who wear kilts;
Men who wear KILTS are more fertile - because their sperm are cooler.
Kilts help lower the temperature of a man's groin,this in turn improves the quality of his sperm
Kilts also provide psychological benefits as traditional dress 'makes men feel masculine and admired'
Women are more attracted to Men who wear Kilts. heheheh

Pdiddy and Kanye

Marc Jacob
Well if you ask me, i'll say Yes, after all Women wear clothes for men too :D


grace yohanna said...

Hell nah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dis shldnt b welcumd,it has bin written,wen d end tym is near,men will appear lyk d opposite sex n women will appear lyk men....its a no for me on dis 1..

sandra adaora said...


okegbe samantha said...

No no for me