Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fashion Trend: Creepers Flatforms

Hello Lovies, How are you guys doing??  So I spotted a new shoe trend a while back back and they are the creepers flatforms. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus seems to be head over heels in love with this trend cause they were the first two people i saw rocking them.Creepers have been around for sometime  now, they were originally brought to the fashion world by British Teddy Boys in the '60s, then it became popular by Vivienne Westwood and other designer but it seems to be everywhere  this season. The whole idea of the creeper shoes is for it to have a triple sole than the usual flatforms we already know, but now different designers come up with different creative sole sizes, some are higher while some are lower,the creepers were actually made to come in the form of flatforms, but now designers like, Burberry, prada and Jeffrey Campbell have them in wedge , sandals, sneakers, slippers  forms.The creepers shoe gives you this rock n roll and street style in a funky These creepers come in amazing and beautiful colors, from animal prints, to sequins to nude. Chanel also has some nice creeper shoes in their 2013 collection. Short females are going to love love this shoe as they give you any amount of height you want.lool and the good thing is, they are very comfortable to rock as it is in a balanced form. I know alot of you are not gonna be loving this trend cause even alot of our celebs have not been seen rocking it but those who love to take risk in fashion and who love the edgy look are going on with the trend. well, take a look at some celebs (especially rihanna) and bloggers rocking the creepers shoes in fab ways and get inspired

Some Men have are also rocking the Creepers Flatforms. So guys, what do you think of this trend?? Are you loving it?? Are you gonna rock some creepers.lool

stay Fab..


Oby Azike said...

I might rock them

Trendy Rammy said...

Not sure i can but they are nice
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ij said...

Nice any way. Prefarebly on jeans.

Faith Kel said...

Nice! sure i could :)