Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fashion Offender Of The Week: Genevieve NNaji

Our fashion offender of the week is our very own beautifil Genevieve Nnaji. *sob sob* i hate to do this to my Genny baby but i just have to do it :(.  So Genevieve showed up to the Ebony life tv launch in this Mermaid gown designed by a Nigerian designer called Deolo Sagoe. First, the dress was inappropriate for the occassion, it was just too serious for a Tv launch. Genny should have worn it for an award or something. Moving over to the gown, when I saw the top half of this outfit it actually looked lovely and  then I saw the bottom half and everything just screamed "TRAIN WRECK" . The tail was so uncalled for. It would have probably worked more if the gown was kept short but everything just looks so tacky and so 'unfinished". It looked like it was hurriedly made. It looked like what kids in an art class used for an experiment (sorry) .Yeah we all know Genevieve is naturally stunning and can look good dressed in even rags but this dress was such a Huge huge fail. I know some people might want to throw the word "haute couture" loosely here but this outfit is a disaster. She should have just stuck to the lace, Genny is way too short to be dressed in something like this. Maybe the dress would have looked better on someone tall like stephanie okereke or Agbani Darego cause i still did not get the whole mermaid idea of this dress or maybe genevieve should have had like an assistant  stand at the back of the dress and help her arrange it just the way chief bridesmaid does to the bride. It looked like the dress was actually wearing her and not her wearing it. Genevieve looked lost in the gown. it did no justice to her beautiful shape .The hem of the dress looks so gaudy . The down part of the dress had too much activities going on, it's so unflattering" Oh,well I have to give her props for her makeup though .Over here at Ameriestyle we are fining Genevieve with our fashion offender  of the week ..Take a look at Genevieve

Genevieve should have gone for something like this beautiful Robert Rodriguez Black Label Chantilly Rose Lace dress with ruffled flowers embroidered on the fishtail hem,Eva Longoria  wore for the Emmy awards 2010

So yeah, over to you my Ameriestyle readers, what do you think?? Are you for me on this or against me cause i might be wrong tho so i stand to be corrected. Is Geneviev Nnaji a Fashion offender??

Btw, See some of our fave celebs that have rocked almost the same gown like Genevieve and did not look too nice in it but they still looked better than Genny (sorry to say it)cause it was arranged properly for us to get the whole fishtail idea.
Maria Carey




MIA said...

I think the dress is lovely. Just wasn't looking good on camera. Her pa should have helped her arranged it or something.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you....i think some people just like to risk it sometimes....


Anonymous said...

I support amerie style on this one. The dress didn't do our Genny any justice at all. It didn't work at all.

chiji said...

Our indigeneous designers should keep it local and contemporary. Genny is a stunner anyday, dress was a flaw.

Trendy Rammy said...

Agree with you, don't like the lower part of the dress.
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seno said...

D style is so scary,so mermaid like

Anonymous said... why????dis dress aint coOl....I wonder what ur thoughts were,it looks tacky!buh its all good!