Friday, 19 July 2013

Fashion Must Have: Yellow Shoes

Hello Lovies, How are you guys doing?? So i am about to introduce a new segment on this blog and i hope y'all love the idea and it is the "Fashion Must Have". This segment is almost like the fashion trend segment but i am doing this to help my readers know what fashion item, color,accessory etc is most important to have at a particular season and show them different ways they can rock them so it's left for you to go get it or ignore it.So today, i am gonna start with Yellow shoes. Yellow is such a beautiful color when it comes to fashion and yellow shoes are Hot hot this summer season, as summer is all about rocking bright color and. Yellow shoes bring out the fun and live in any outfit, i know alot of you shy away from bright shoe colors like yellow but trust me, they are actually really nice and easy to pull off but one has to be very careful when rocking yellow shoes as they are very sharp and bright. You can rock your yellow shoes with your blue and dark denim, your skirts and your dresses. Well well, i think i have said enough about yellow shoes, take a look at celebs rocking the yellow shoe trend and get inspired

 Male celebs  rocking Yellow sneakers, check them out

You guys should go get your yellow shoes now and start rocking them :)


Freda Idehen said...

I love yellow shoes,they just add that pop of colour to any outfit

Anonymous said...

Amerie darling u keep talking about this summer like this raining season in this country is also refered to as summer.

Ameriestyle said...

Lol.People from different countries visit my blog, so I'm not blogging just for Nigerians, some are for them while the others for my abroad viewers :)