Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fashion Trend; Flat Sandals

Hello Lovies, How is your Sunday going? I spotted a new fashion trend this year and it is the flat sandals trend, we all know summer is here and flat sandals are like the hottest fashion trend for summer. Flat sandals are very cool and comfortable, you can not go wrong rocking them unlike high heeled shoes/Sandals. Flat sandals are a must have for every female, they help you relax your feet and lets it breath some good air. lol. They are also not difficult or stressful to walk on, i do not think there is anyone who doesn't love or own a pair of flats. The flat sandals gives you that very simple,classy, chic and comfortable look and remember, not every outfit should be worn with high heel shoes and sandals , some are best with your flat sandals. Flat sandals can be rocked by anyone, the young,old,adults,children etc. They are very easy to rock, all you need do is get the perfect type that suits your feet and you are good to go. Flats also comes in different types like, rubber, leather, covered, peeptoe, Tstrap etc. You can rock your sandals with your short and long dresses, skirts, pants, jeans and shorts. You can also wear them to the movies, salons,beach,mall and also for a date *wink*. I also heard Some flat sandals are specially designed with anti-bacterial lining for moisture free comfort and protection for feet, during sunny days. So you see? Some can protect your feet from bacterial. Don't we all just love flats?? So you guys should take a lil break from those uncomfortable heels and i hope you know too much wearing of high heels can cause Arthritis when you start aging, so you better take it easy. This flat trends are also best for pregnant women and tall ladies, i actually get surprise when i see tall ladies rocking heels, especially the very high ones. Celebs from rihanna, Kim, Khloe beyonce,solange to genevieve have  all been spotted rocking flat sandals,so take a look at some of your fave celebs rocking the flat sandals trend


Jessica alba

Halley berry

Kourthney and khloe













Halley berry

Note; You do not have to wear heels to look fab, glamorous and formal, your flat sandals can give you those looks too.So guys, what do you think?? Are you for the flat sandals trend or against it?? Are you gonna rock them?


Zimmy bee said...

yeh I second u on that.I'm a flat's kinda girl

Anonymous said...

i always hated flats, i thought they looked sloppy cuz im pretty much a sneaker girl. but im welcoming the trend with open arms, always a first time for everything!