Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fashion Offender of The Week: Toolz Oniru

Our Fashion offender for the week is Toolz Oniru. Toolz rocked this zebra print dress for d'banjs DKM concert last week. The dress is okay to wear for a concert no doubt but everything about it just screams "disaster" .It doesn't do her bodyframe any justice.The color totally repels her complexion, she just looks like she is being suffocated in this dress. Toolz needs to understand that she is a thick woman and thus doesn't need such body hugging print outfits and she needs to go for dresses with brighter shades that can totally bring out her complexion .That neckpiece she has on was so uncalled for too .She has such a short neck,she doesn't need to pair up that outfit with extra neck accessories, she just looks like she is about to choke and the hair would have been better packed up so we can see the beauty of the dress .She just looks so uncomfortable in this outfit and the whole dress just looks too "plain" its like we time traveled back to 90's in a foxy brown video .so over here at ameriestyle we are fining Toolz as our fashion offender of the week .Hope she fix up next time cause we love her ;). Take a look at Toolz

So guys, what do you think of toolz outfit?? Are you for me or against me?? Is she a fashion offender?? Waiting to hear from y'all


ij said...

She is busty so needs something hugy and short.

monica said...

She looks so massive in the first pix

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!When i first saw this pix i could tell something was wrong just cudnt understand until now.

I love your blog,interesting.kip up the gud work
LadyF xoxo!