Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

Hello Lovies, How are you today? Well, as always i noticed another trend and it is the Jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are making a huge come back to the fashion world this season. The one piece outfit which was  formerly used  by just skydivers,Aviators,Pilots to help the body from cold and to minimize risk of covering important handles  is now a a huge outfit in the fashion world.  The jumpsuits were seen everywhere at the fashion new york Fashion week as Top designers like Dkny, Vivienne Woods, Alexander Wang and more more had them on their runway for their spring/Summer 2013 collection. The jumpsuit is not very easy to pull off as one has to be very careful while rocking them cause  they can ruin or make your shape. Well, the Jumpsuits are best for curvy Ladies, cause it helps bring out your shape. The jumpsuits were also spotted everywhere on the red carpet by celebrities like Beyonce,Rihanna,Jlo,Miley and more. Well, enough of the plenty talk, Let the pictures do the work ;)

Lady Bee rocked this black and white jumpsuit by  Osman for The grammy awards 2013. She  looked gorgeous,flaunting her hour glass shape

Kim K looked sexy rocking this sheer see thru all black Jumpsuit showing her baby bump. 
Rihanna kept it very simple and causal  in this Jumpsuit  with black boots

Riri looked Causal rocking a print jumpsuits and ankle strap sandals

Jennifer looked hot in this glittering Mono strap Jumpsuit.

Miley Cyrus kept it simple and Classy in this red Jumpsuit and  Black Pumps

Jlo  also kept it simple. she rocked a red  jumpsuit by Vivienne Woods from their spring 2013 collection with red shoes

Gabriella Union kept it simple and cool rocking a red jumpsuits by Bec and Bridge"VIDA" from their resort 2013 collection at the BET Awards 2013 

Jennifer Rocking a Tube jumpsuit by Michael Kors from their resort 2013 collection with jackets on. Very decent look

Jada Pinket looked fab in an all white jumpsuit and black boots at the Bet Awards 2013

Noami Campbell looked chic in this black jumpsuit by Alexander Mcqueen resort 2013 with gold zip in front

Rocsi Diaz rocked an all white 5th and mercer jumpsuit to the 2013 grammy awards. she looked fab.

Model on the runway from Lanvin spring 2013


Nicki showed off her hot curves in this black jumpsuit

Draya lokked sexy in this black and white jumpsuit

Note: If you are a plus size, go for the simple jumpsuits and the not so tight Jumpsuits too and also you can try black jumpsuits since it makes one look slimmer than they look. You can get your affordable jumpsuits from Asos,Topshop,River island. etc. So what do you think of this Trend? Are you loving it?? Are you gonna try them out??
stay Fab...xx


ij said...

I love it. But I think is best for people not on the big side. As u rightly say is lovely on ladies with curves like you nice the only problem is u hv to totally undress to use the rest room. Loi! I love it any way.

Anonymous said...

My God,
Ij, u should look up ur fashion words dear.
Those on d big side as u side are those that r called women with curves,
So ur Amerie obviously don't fit into that.
But, of course any sized lady can rock a jumpsuite as Amerie rightly pointed out. just choose d right one for ur body type

Anonymous said...

Fashion words oshi!!! Lol. I laugh in spanish and french.have a nice day people. I'll come back for my comment later.

ij said...

My dear curves has to do with d hips. If u knw amerie u shld know she is got curves. I wonder wht u presume to be curves. Read my massage well I sd I think is best for people not on the big side. It is my opinon and u ar entitlled to urs as well. Is brandy on the big side? But she's got curves.

Anonymous said...

Read all this post and I've been laffing my stomach out here.
Taking time out to read thru well I think every one has a point. And I think is our dear Amerie that shud be held responsible for d confussion here, when she used d word curvy to rep. women with figure. Cos truly now women on d big
side r d ones reffered to as curvy.
So dear Annynomous, MIA meant Amerie's figure when she wrote curves.
And dear MIA, Amerie has got good shape or figure, but she's not a curvy (smiles).
Amerie, I also don't totally agree with u that jumpsuite is best for women with figure better.
They just have the advantage to go for very fitted ones that flaunts their shape
U just need to know how to choose ur jumpsuite.
Miley cyrus obviously doesn't have great figure, but she choose a free jumpsuite that has a waist band to support her figure.

Ameriestyle said...

Mis didn't comment on this post.I am sure you are refeering to IJ..I didn't say it's only. For people with shape, I only said its best for curvy and by curvy I mean (women with shape like bey)So mayb I'll have to change from curvy to shape..Everyone can wear a jumpsuit, like I said just find the one that suit you best..The pictures I put up where pictures of different Ladies rocking fab jumpsuits that suit them..

Anonymous said...

Biko biko!!! Curvy is not big oh!! Curvy is curvy, big is fat!! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Is a lie o. Caucausians dear not say Big is fat o. U can even get sued for emotional reck.
Fat or our big is curvie.